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Welcome to Casino Bay.
casino-bay   Texas Poker Academy - Learn to beat the best Poker Academy takes advantage of the fact that most of us learn best by doing. With sophisticated computer opponents, you will be able to play thousands of hands to improve your Texas Hold’em skills.

Poker Indicator - Get stats on your Opponent's Opponent Stats helps you better understand your opponent's play styles. You can run Poker Indicator for a while to collect information for players on a table before jumping into it - NO tool on the market has this feature!
casino-bay What the Casinos and Poker companies do not want you to know! casino-bay

This information is for everyone, and should always be kept free! This is a secret that has been kept quiet for to long now. To many people have lost their life savings playing poker, or gambling at online casinos.

Who is this Information for?

  • People new to Online Casinos or Poker Rooms

  • Someone who is tired of having to "rebuy" more than "withdraw"

  • Someone looking for a work from home income

  • Someone who wants to brush up on their poker game

  • If you are a pro who makes 10k a day or more, guess what YOU STILL WANT TO KNOW THIS!


What is this big secret?

What do all Casinos and Poker Rooms have in common? They all offer incentives to try and get your business which is a nicer way of saying THEY WANT YOUR MONEY. Guess what, WE WANT THEIR MONEY! What if their was a way we both could win that did not involve much risk at all? Well there is one, those generous deposit bonus's they so easily dish out. This is what we target.

How do we make money from this?

If you are new to poker, or gambling in general you should spend some time in the "free game rooms" learn the basics of how Online sites operate, and get comfortable with it first. Learn the basic hands, know what wins and what looses. That is about all you will need to know to make this work. You do not have to be good at poker, just understand how the game is played.

Our main object here is to take our starting money, I would suggest at least $100 to make it worth it, $500 would be optimum. The only catch here is, the more money you deposit you obviously get a higher return your money but it will take you longer to earn it, meaning alot more hands to play, which also adds in risk, time, and emotion. These are things you need to consider when deciding how much and how fast you want to earn it.

Before you sign-up with these companies you are going to need an account online with a payment processor (unless your credit card will allow gambling transactions) Two sites that I would recommend are Firepay which is what I personally use, and I find the easiest or NeTeller. These accounts can be setup instantly and you can get started right away.

How do I avoid loosing all my money?

This is the first and most important question that most people will ask me, I have successfully trained personally over 100 people how to setup this system and make huge profits from it. This system does not fail, you have to fail

Simple ways around loosing your money before cashing out:

  • Play low limit games, avoid No-Limit cash games unless you make sure you do the minimum buyin

  • Do not keep playing if you loose a big pot, this may cause tilt and poker and emotions do not co-exist

  • Play Extremely "tight" meaning, do not play hands that are not Suited Connectors (2clubs 3clubs, AcKc, etc) Do not overbet the pot (bet or raise more than the total pot value) Make sure you play pocket pairs, even if they are 22 or 33 unless someone has raised more than 3 times the blinds.

  • Hands I recomend playing AA AK AQ AJ A10, KK KQ KJ K10 K9, QQ QJ Q10, JJ, J10, 1010, 99,88,77,66,55,44,33,22 - Other than that, use your own judgement, but starting out to make sure you play tight and you make money just play those hands.

  • MAKE SURE YOU USE A POT ODDS CALCULATOR - One I highly recommend is Texas Calculatem which can be found on the left side of this page, it does cost a small fee, but it is worth it. It lets you know if you should hold, fold, call, raise, re-raise, and how much, along with your odds of winning the hand are. THIS INTERGRATES RIGHT INTO THE POKER SOFTWARE! You cannont loose money in my system if you are using this correctly.

  • Read as many strategy guides as you can like

  • For those who are still worried you can even download a Poker Bot that will use Texas Calculatem to actually play the hands for you, you do not even have to be there!

I think i'm ready to get started....

After you have reached your deposit bonus quickly withdraw the money back into your firepay or neteller account and click on the next site below and do it all over again. We have already done the homework for you on which sites offer the best play and fastest cashout times.

Remember, once you get the hang of it you can open up as many games as you want, I play 3 differnet tables at once.

It Gets Even Better...

You can do this for each site several times a month!! Once you have completed the process, guess what there is a great thing called a reload bonus, basically the sites want you to put more money in so they will email you a special code or link to basically get your deposit bonus on your next deposit. This process never ends!!

casino-bay Select An Online Poker Room casino-bay
We Have spent the time to gather the most profitable deposit bonus's for you, as well as a rating system, and a brief description of how long it will take to earn the deposit bonus and move on to the next site.

Avg user playing profit - This is the amount of money from actually playing poker in the time frame that it takes to reach the deposit bonus. This number comes directly from our players as we get the results. This number is not exact, just an average.

Estimated time to Full Bonus - This number also comes from our players, it is weighted and offset by the number of tables some of them play at once, and the higher stakes they play to achieve the bonus faster.

Estimated Profit Earned - This is calculated by adding the average playing profit and the deposit bonus together.

Estimated Total Profit - This is the sum of all monies earned if system is followed correctly, numbers come straight off our affiliate reports, constantly changing in the positive direction

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